The 2018 Christmas digital catalogue is a powerful sales tool that delivers YOUR STORE BRAND and your brands and offers directly to your customers. You choose what brands are in it, that’s the difference.


Consumers LOVE catalogues. The popularity of high quality printed and digital catalogues is booming! Catalogues are not only FUN for consumers, they work, they help retailers move product. Myer, David Jones, Aldi, Bunnings, Officeworks, JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman and many, many more, all use high quality, digital and printed catalogue to get their brand and products out there in consumers faces, to sell their wares.


Retailer participation of The Christmas Sale Catalogue opens September 19th 2018 and closes October 17th 2018.
Sounds Of Summer Sale Catalogue’s official life span: November 2017 until 25th December 2018.


Open to ALL retailers to participate. The Christmas Sale Catalogue has brought together multiple wholesalers and manufactures and the biggest brands in our industry, all to help you market and sell the products and brands that work best in your store.


Your "flip-book" e-catalogue can be distributed to customers through your email database, your website, your social media network and traditional print if you decide to print it. You choose the pages and the brands from Musiccatalogue.myshopify.com that suits your store.

Your catalogue is delivered to you as a "flip-book" e-catalogue link and also a "Print-Ready" PDF file, ready to deliver to your database with your logo and contact details on each and every page. Don’t have a website? We can host your "Flip-Book" e-catalogue for you and we’ll send you a link to use. 


One of the key points about The Christmas Sale’s Catalogue is that it’s cost effective for retailers both with TIME and MONEY. If you’ve ever created a catalogue you’d understand how long it takes to put together, not to mention how expensive it can get. We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

In order for your catalogue to be produced as a "flip-book" e-catalogue or a printed and stapled catalogue, it must have page quantities in multiples of 4. Eg. 16 / 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 pages and so on.

The consumer "terms and conditions" of the catalogue are placed on the back page of your catalogue, which is a free page included for every catalogue purchase. So, for a 16-page catalogue, since the FRONT and BACK page is already supplied FREE OF CHARGE, you will only need to purchase the remaining 14 pages. You can purchase more pages if you wish.


When supplying your store logo, please supply in both colour and black & white (where possible), in the highest resolution file you have available. Preferred formats are: EPS, PDF. If these are unavailable, then a high resolution PNG or JPEG may suffice.


If you want to be a part of the catalogue revolution please go to "Buy Pages" now. It’s that easy.